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Shadowtale is an amazing FREE MMORPG game you can play right here in your web browser!

Battle monsters, earn gold, gear up, and become powerful enough to defeat the Shadow Lord himself. The beautiful and exciting world of Kyros awaits!


Weekly Dungeons

A New Adventure Every Week

Challenge yourself in the Khalarant Labyrinth, the first of Shadowtale's new random dungeons. The layout changes each week, there are new progressive repeatable quests, and boss monsters that feature special rotating high quality equipment drops available once per dungeon per week.

Weekly Dungeons

Edgewood has been revitalized with a beautiful new look, the level cap has been raised, and new items have been added to the stores.

Weekly Dungeons

You can find the Khalarant Labrynth next to the Coliseum in J'hahenstar. Remember, the dungeon resets every week so you have a limited time to finish your dungeon quests! We're working on a party system and a slew of new dungeons at different levels, so you can adventure together with friends.

Weekly Dungeons

The Catacombs

Venture Deep Below the Desert

We've released the first two Catacombs episodes, along with a level cap increase and some great new armor! You'll prepare the antidote then venture into the depths to retrieve the Queen's body... but beware of the ghastly fiends that dwell there. You'll find a friend in Neeli and her son in the depths below, but can they be trusted to help you?

The Garden Maze

The Gravelands

Put on a Helm, Reunite the Slipshards, and Reach the Queen

Your travel through the Royal Maze takes you to the spooky Gravelands Slipshard, where you will fight demonic creatures and reach the Spirit of the Maze itself! Reaching the Queen to warn her of the Vizier's plan will take training and skill. Her solution to the problem may surprise you!

Each week we've been releasing a bunch of great new items and this week is no exception! We've just put in a bunch of cool new armor, a baby tiger pet, new furniture, and now there are helms and hats to wear! Check them out at the arsenals.

The Garden Maze

The Slipshards

The Royal Maze Reveals its Hidden Twists

Once you've acquired the root of Oris, Je-An Jah will make a potion that allows you to see the hidden entrances to the Slipshards! Battle through these exciting mirrors of Kyros, inhabited and ruled by the Stone Sentinels, to untwist the maze from the Vizier's curse and reach the Queen. We've added some great new house furnishing items, and even a new pet - Pigball! Another level cap raise and the final chapter of the Royal Maze is coming next week.

The Garden Maze

Features Galore

Tons of New Features and The Garden Maze

Wow, a huge release! We've added tons of great new gameplay features all at once.

  • Pets. They fight with you and can level up! Buy pet food to keep your pet strong in battle.
  • Upgradable armor, weapons, and shields. You can really customize your look now by purchasing upgrades for your favorite items!
  • Player Housing. You can buy a house, furnish it, and have friends come over to hang out!
  • Buddy List. You can now add people to your friends list. You'll see when they're online, can message them from anywhere, and you'll end up on their server.
  • Item Preview. Now you try things on at a shop before you buy!
Housing and Pets

There is word of a serious problem for the Queen, and she needs your personal help! Je-An Jah will send you on a wide ranging new quest that takes you through the J'hahenstar Palace Garden Maze, into strange new places, and eventually to the Queen herself in this three part mainline quest series! We'll be releasing new updates to it every week, along with raising the level cap and adding new items. There's never been a better time to be a Shadowtale player!

The Garden Maze

Digging Deep

The Depths of the Mines Revealed

New Dwarven Mine inhabitants emerge as you discover Ance's secret plot, and help Gaithra dispell evil. You'll have to battle the Darkness Demon in each of its three forms! The townfolk of Silverine have miniquests for you to do, and adventure awaits.

Dwarver Mines Quests

Desert Questing

Three packs of quests!

The people of J'hahenstar and it's surroundings have a lot for you to do! We're releasing a new set of Burning Desert quests every few days for the next week. Lots of new skills are in development, and we have some really cool new weapons on the way.

Burning Desert Quests

Upgrades and The Dwarven Mines

New User Interface and Features

We've added lots of great features to the game in one big patch!

  • You now heal any time you are not on a screen with monsters, and if you die you can just run away instead of having to go back to the inn.
  • There's a new user interface layout with bigger XP bar, better character portrait locations, graphical buttons, etc.
  • A new quest bar shows you the goals for your current quest and what's left to do.
  • We added a new mapping system that shows you where to go for quests.
  • Blocking is easier now - just press the right mouse button, the period key, or the Z button.
  • You can now use the arrow keys, Z, and X to play.

Aiding the Rebellion

A new mainline quest takes you deep into the Dwarven Mines in order to help the Queen's rebels fight back. The level cap has been raised, and now stops at the beginning instead of the end of a level. New equipment for high level characters has been released, and even some new miniquests around the Goblin Caves.

Dwarven Mines